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Project Fischnetz

Where have all the fish gone? The reasons why the fish catches in Swiss rivers are declining. P. Burkhardt-Holm, W. Giger, H. Güttinger, U. Ochsenbein, A. Peter, K. Scheurer, H. Segner, E. Staub, M.E. Suter, Environmental Science and Technology (2005), 39: 441A- 447A.

Decline of fish catch in Switzerland - Project Fishnet: A balance between analysis and synthesis
P. Burkhardt-Holm, A. Peter, H. Segner, Aquatic Sciences 64 (2002) 36-54

Fishnet - a transdisciplinary project on the decline of fish Populations in Swiss river systems
P. Holm, EAWAG, 2000


Proliferative Kidney Disease (PKD)

Proliferative kidney disease: why is it of interest for the Swiss projekt 'Fishnet'?
P. Burkhardt-Holm, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 441-442

Development of proliferative kidney disease in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), following short-term exposure to Tetracapsula bryosalmonae infected bryozoans
M. Longshaw, R.-M. Le Deuff, A.F. Harris and S.W. Feist, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 443-449

Proliferative kidney disease and renal myxosporidiosis in juvenile salmonids from rivers in England and Wales
S.W. Feist, E.J. Peeler, R. Gardiner, E. Smith and M. Longshaw, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 451-458

Influence of water quality on the outbreak of proliferative kidney disease - field studies and exposure experiments
M. El-Matbouli and R.W. Hoffmann, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 459-467

Bryozoans as hosts for Tetracapsula bryosalmonae, the PKX organism
B. Okamura and T.S. Wood,
Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 469-475

The persistence of infectivity of Tetracapsula bryosalmonae-infected water for rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum)
P. de Kinkelin, M. Gay and S. Forman, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 477-482

Development of improved PCR to prevent false positives and false negatives in the detection of Tetracapsula bryosalmonae, the causative agent of proliferative kidney disease
D.C. Morris, D.J. Morris, A. Adams, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 483-490

Proliferative kidney disease in Switzerland: current state of knowledge
T. Wahli, R. Knuesel, D. Bernet, H. Segner, D. Pugovkin, P. Burkhardt-Holm, M. Escher and H. Schmidt-Posthaus, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 491-500

Molecular evidence of release of Tetracapsula bryosalmonae, the causative organism of proliferative kidney disease from infected salmonids into the environment
D.C. Morris, D.J. Morris and A. Adams, Journal of Fish Diseases 25 (2002) 501-504



Somethin from "nothing" - eight weak estrogenic chemicals combined at concentrations below NOECs produce significant mixture effects
E. Silva, N. Rajapakse, A. Kortenkamp, Environmental Science and Technology 36 (2002) 1751-1756


Fish health

Concepts and Application of Multiple and Integrative Indicators to Assess the Effects of Environmental Stressors on the Health of Fish Populations
S. Marshall Adams, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(for further Information also see

Endocrine disruptors

Endocrine Disruptors and Human Health - Is there a Problem?

Report of Stephen H. Safe. Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 108, No 6, June 2000

EPA Special Report on Endocrine Disruption
Fact Sheet by United States Environmental Protection Agency, February 1997


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